Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Will you be introducing new services to Glow at this time?

A.   Our focus at this time will be on supporting existing services and users.  There are currently no plans to introduce changes to our technical platforms.  That said, as this is an evolving situation this approach will be kept under review.

Q.   How do I get a Glow login?

A.   The standard process for requesting a Glow login should be followed.  This would normally be instigated by the Glow Administrator at the school or local authority.  If your administrator is unavailable please refer to local guidance for alternative support process during this period.  Glow Contacts can be found here:

Q.   How do I set-up my establishment in Glow?

A.   If you are a local authority or an independent school and you would like access to Glow for staff and pupils please contact us at

Q.   Who can manage Glow accounts in my school or establishment?

A.   Accounts are managed at a local level using a Glow Administrator login. Establishments can have more than one Glow Administrator account assigned to allow for flexibility and additional support. Guidance around administrator logins can be found here:

Q.   How can I use Glow to support face to face learning with pupils?

A.   Both pupils and teachers can utilise the Skype for Business application within Glow.  Advice can be found to support you here:

Q.   How can my pupils contact me directly within Teams in O365 or Google Classroom?

A.   Pupils can post a message in the conversations area provided within your Microsoft Team or Google Classroom to message both you and the wider members. Private chat within Teams in Glow is not enabled.

Q.   Can you update your full class list into a Microsoft Team or Google Classroom?

A.   There is available guidance on routes to do this via Glow Connect and the link to the relevant pages are: and

Q.   Can I pre-record videos and publish to my class?

 A.   Yes – you could use either Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom to upload video media and share directly with your classes.

Q.   Where do I keep up to date with service availability within Glow?

A.   There are a number of routes to this information but the easiest way to find live updates is to visit the sites below:

Q.   Where can I find information on security and privacy during this time?

A.   Information is readily available on Glow connect here:

Please remember to act online as you would in school – usernames, passwords and other information should not be posted publicly on social media.

Q.   Will lessons for my school be added to Glow?

A.   Schools and local authorities may use Glow as one of their means of delivering education at this time. This is a decision for individual local authorities and schools.

Q.   SWAN – how quickly can Capita increase bandwidth to existing circuits?

A.   Following consultation with Capita around increasing bandwidth on SWAN Circuits they have confirmed that their primary objective is to keep the service running as normal, with Business Continuity being their main concern.

Given the situation that all of us are in, including Capitas Communications Providers (BT, VMB, Vodafone etc)  it’s very unlikely that they will be in a position to move quicker during this situation.

As a result of this there are presently no plans in place to expedite SWAN Circuit Bandwidth Increase requests.

Q. My account is locked, but I am not receiving a recovery email. Who do I contact to help me log in?

A. We would advise you to contact the school or establishment you work in directly as accounts are managed locally. Glow contacts can be found at:

There is information on resetting your Glow password at:

We would suggest you set up a recovery email in case you forget your password:

Q. How do we access support regarding Glow account issues at this time?

A. We would advise you to continue to follow your usual internal support route following the guidance provided by your school or establishment. Please see local contact information at:

Q. I am a parent. How do I access Glow?

A. Access to Glow is restricted to learners and educators and is not available for parent access. However, a number of resources are provided to help keep parents informed about their children’s learning. Please see:

Q. How do I set a password for my Glow account?

A. Every Glow user can choose their own password. There is guidance available at:

Q. I’m new or need a refresher. How do I get started using my Glow account?

A. We have a handy Glow Quick Start Guide which should help you get started.