Class Teams

Class Teams

Imagine all of your SEEMiS classes automatically set up as Class Teams. This means that, as a teacher or pupil, your first view of Teams is of every class you teach or attend. The teacher is owner/admin and the pupils are all members. You can easily navigate from class to class without leaving Teams.



NB: Your school must be opted-in for School Data Sync for automatic Class Team creation. Follow link for details on how to opt-in.

Every Class Team has a Conversation tab. This is where conversations around learning take place. All pupils can participate but the teacher has control to delete posts or ‘mute’ pupils.

Every Class Team has a Class Notebook that will adjust to fit the membership of the class. No admin required! Teachers and pupils can navigate between classes, focus the screen on the Class Notebook and work – all without leaving Teams!

Every Class Team has Files, a place to upload, store and share files related to the class. Open the files and discuss them – all without leaving Teams!

Every Class Team has the option to create Assignments – tasks with a deadline, instructions and resources due for completion by pupils. Each pupil in the Class Team is issued the Assignment which can come with personal editable versions of attached files. Pupils can ‘turn in’ Assignments and teachers can review and add feedback – all without leaving Teams!

Every Class Team has the option to add other ‘Tabs’ which can be Websites, Videos, Planner, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more!

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