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Coming Soon – Stream

Update: Rollout is now complete and uploads will be enabled from 24th February, with O365 Video being retired from 25th February. Please see Uploads in Stream and O365 Video Retiral for more information.

Stream is part of O365 which allows storage and creation of video content.  During February Stream will be rolling out to users.  The rollout is phased, and not all users will immediately see Stream.

Whilst the rollout is happening Stream will be read only.  You will not be able to upload content into Stream.  This will allow you to become familiar with the product and for all users to be licensed.

Once the rollout is complete video uploads will be enabled for staff only.  We will announce the date for this towards the end of February.

Important: Staff should ensure they’ve read the guidance on Stream (Stream – Glow Connect).

Microsoft will be retiring O365 Video as of 1st March.  All content in O365 Video will be migrated to Stream, and existing links will redirect to Stream until March 2022.

When the migration completes at the end of February there will be a final sync between O365 Video and Stream and there may be some discrepancies whilst this process finalises.  O365 Video content will not be visible in Stream until the migration is finalised.

You may wish to take this opportunity to review what content you have in O365 Video and delete any old content and to review the permissions set.

Breakout Rooms

Microsoft have released breakout room functionality within Teams Meetings.  This allows meeting organisers to create breakout rooms, and allocate meeting participants for small group working within the main meeting.

Glow’s guidance ( is that for learner safety we recommend that additional staff members are present within meetings and that learners should not be unsupervised within Teams meetings.  The introduction of breakout rooms makes this more challenging to achieve, and there is the increased risk of learners being unsupervised with video enabled within breakout rooms.  On that basis we strongly recommend that breakout rooms are not used with learners unless staff members are able to be constantly present in all breakout rooms created.

The existing guidance ( is also that the end meeting option should be used by the meeting organiser to remove all participants at the end of a Teams meeting.  Please note that this will not end any associated breakout rooms.  The separate ‘close rooms’ option within the Breakout room control panel must be used to close the rooms, and remove participants from the breakout rooms before ending the main meeting.

We need to talk to teachers and families with school age children about getting help with Glow!

We need to talk to 8 –12 teachers, and 8 –12 families with school age children from 23rd November until mid-December 2020. The session will be by phone or video call. It will last for no more than one hour. Teachers and families can choose a day and time that suits them.

We will give a £20 Amazon eGift card as a thank you to each teacher and family that takes part.

You do not have to be a Glow user to take part.

  • Calls with teachers will take place in their own time outside of working hours.
  • A parent or carer must apply and must be there during a call with children.

This is for a study about getting information, help, and support, for Glow. It  will help us design better support services for Glow. It is for a project on The Digital Learning and Teaching programme at Education Scotland.

Teachers: apply here

Parents or carers: apply here

Further Information

Welcome back to the start of the new term

Glow Connect Image

Welcome back to the start of the new term. Over the coming weeks we will be showcasing the resources available on Glow Connect and beyond to help you get the most out of Glow for online learning and teaching.

There will be regular posts on our @GlowScot Twitter account so keep an eye out for these. These will include quite start guides and refreshers on how to get started to help users get the best out of Glow.

Users may also find our contingency planning page useful.