Author: tomgregory26

Microsoft O365 – Further Security Enhancements.

Security of all IT systems should always be continually reviewed and that is the case with Glow also, as of today (4th March) further enhancements have been added to Glow to further protect its users and their data and devices from external threats.

As of today, there is an increased level of protection being applied to Microsoft O365 Exchange.

What does this mean for Glow’s users?

  • The majority will see no impact,  some emails that are received into Glow that are identified as spam or another external threat will no longer appear in user’s Inboxes. 
  • Users can no longer send or receive certain file types – e.g. .exe files or JAVA files.  If these need to be shared between Glow users then OneDrive or SharePoint should be used.
  • Users may see warnings on some emails that either pose a very low threat or could not be scanned.

How do you find out more?

There is more information about this change here on Glow Connect –