Trying to access a personal Google account

You may be trying to login to a personal Google account but are instead redirected to the RM Unify sign in page. This could be due to cached internet files for a federated RM Unify Google account that may have been previously used on that device (e.g. staff or pupils with both a school Google account and a personal Google account.)

If you are being automatically redirected to an RM Unify logon screen when trying to log onto Google services using a personal account (e.g. and not a school/establishment related account you may wish to clear your internet files to stop this happening.

Clear temporary Internet files
The links given below cover how to clear temporary Internet files on the most commonly used web browsers:

Once all the temporary Internet files have been cleared, please restart the computer and re-test. You should no longer be redirected to an RM Unify logon screen.