Month: December 2019

Retirement of Glow Blogs Themes

Glow Blogs Performance Improvements

Work is being carried out to help improve the performance of Glow Blogs and provide a better user experience. Following a period of monitoring that will confirm that these changes have been successful, we will begin work to upgrade the WordPress version being used which will be a more visible change to users. A further update will be provided via Glow Connect and Glow Key Contacts in advance of this work being done.

The first of two scheduled performance related changes took place on Tuesday 26th November. There will be a larger change taking place on Thursday 5th December at 4pm that users should be aware of. Although this will not affect access to Glow Blogs, there may be a slight degradation in service for around an hour.

Following this there will be ongoing work which will last for around a week from Tuesday 10th December at 4pm. We will aim to do most of this out of hours as there might be a slight impact on performance but the process running may run over into the next day so users should be aware of this.

Users should also be aware that there are a number of themes that are no longer supported by the developers so these will be getting made unavailable for new sites on Tuesday 17th December. This will not affect existing sites using these and we will send further communications to Glow Key Contacts to advise on the next steps.

As always, you can check the status of Glow Services on our Service Status page.