Month: May 2018

Class Teams – Updates to School Data Sync – Important info for Teachers & Students

Class Teams are an excellent way for teachers and students to keep up to date and informed about classes without being restricted to the timetable slot. Available through the Microsoft Teams app on Glow, Class Teams are automatically created by student information from SEEMiS providing an online classroom available automatically. This allows teachers and pupils to share information relevant to the class which can be accessed anywhere and at any time on an internet connected device. Class teams can be used to post info on homework, class materials and keep the conversation going on the subject available for all to take part in.

Class Teams are automatically created for the academic year. Schools who have signed up to use Class teams will see the new classes added and they will include the year of the class i.e. SchoolIdentifier Stage Subject ClassID 17-18. The Teams are created based on the information held by SEEMiS ensuring it is correct and saving teachers time by removing the need to manually create individual classes and manage the membership.

For Teachers and Students already using Class Teams older teams, i.e. anything prior to the 2018/19 academic year, these will be deleted in September/October 2018. It is vital that you save any data from these classes elsewhere before this date if you wish to keep a copy.

Glow Annual Survey 2018

Each year the Glow team run a survey to collect feedback from users about Glow and digital technology more broadly. The survey results help to ensure our offering continues to evolve in line with the needs of the education system.

The survey is split into two sections, one section for school staff and the second aimed at learners. The survey results are completely anonymous and no personal data is captured.

The survey is now live and we encourage you to complete it. Please also share this with your colleagues and encourage them to do the same. The survey is open until the end of June.

School staff – please complete the survey via this link –

Learners – please complete the survey via this link –

Last year we had a high number of responses to the survey and this year we look to make that number even higher. Thank you for your feedback and for helping shape the future of Glow.

Glow Blogs update

At the end of last year we asked you for feedback on Glow Blogs and what functionality you would like added. Initially we had planned to release an update to Glow Blogs in the summer to upgrade WordPress and to implement some of the suggestions that we had received from the survey. This release is shaping up to include some big changes. It has therefore been decided to delay this release including the user suggested features, until the winter. More info will be posted on Glow Connect as we move closer to updating Glow Blogs. We look forward to sharing more info then on what these exciting new changes mean to all Glow users.